Published Works

“Apache Clouds” Passages North, Winter 2012

“Two Blankets” Crack the Spine, Online Issue 21, April 2012

“Bears” Crack the Spine, Print and Online, Issue 24 and Summer 2012 Anthology

“Gypsy Scarves and the Queen of Gutterballs” Penduline Press, OnlineAugust 2012

“They Never Tell You”  Apeiron Review, Online Issue 1, August 2012

“Welcome to Arthyde” Crab Orchard Review, Print, Summer 2012

“The Bricklayer’s Club” Big Fiction Magazine, Print Issue 3, Fall/Winter 2012

“He Doesn’t Touch The Blood,” Wilde Magazine,  Print Issue 1Winter 2012

“The Reflecting Pool” Breakwater Review, Online Issue 8, February 2013

“The river that ends where you are now,” Burrow Press Review,  Online, May 28, 2013

“Meringue”  Red Earth Review, Print and Online Issue 1, July 2013

“Chicken Gravy” Crack the Spine, Online Issue 90, November 2013, and Winter 2014 Print Anthology

“One Headlight”  The Flexible Persona,  Online Issue 1.2, March 2014

“Tiny Clicks” Driftwood Press, Online and Print, Volume 1, Issue 2, April 2014

“A Major in Convenience” Johnny America, July 2014

“Gool”  Atticus Review, All Fiction Issue, September 29, 2015

“Jasper, Blight, and Daisies,” Gravel,  Online Issue, March 2016

“Stab Apples,”
Cease, Cows, January 30th, 2017

Jasper, Blight, and Daisies,” SAND, Print Issue 15, Spring 2017

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